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The Charger 69 from the TV series "Dukes of Hazzard" had the old stock car look with a huge, powerful engine that could smoke the tires even when you went from first to second gear. That's some raw power from the original HEMi engines. When I saw that car on TV for the first time, I was hooked ever since. It was the first car I ever wanted and I needed to have one eventually.

69 Dodge Charger RT

Dodge chargers, especially the 69 charger 500 car models are great! Don't we we all love this beautiful piece of American craftsmanship. Lot of people want to buy a specific Dodge model. There are lot of websites on internet and specially on eBay where you can find Dodge chargers for sale under even two grand. Some of them with pictures and lot of specifications..... in Canada, US , Europe, Asia.... Lot of fans and lot of cars are available. Trough the internet is a great way to find it because photos and technical details and make easily a contact with the seller! But if you decide to buy old Dodge charger on internet , be careful and don't rush with your final decision!

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