A little History of Dodge

Dodge Charger 69

In the early 1900s, two bicycle makers Horage Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge, who invented one of the first all-steel cars in America. Bicycles were the first vehicles produced by the Dodge brothers. In 1901 they opened a machine shop in Detroit, making stove parts and, later, auto parts. They began their careers as bicycle machinists in their father's shop in Michigan. Upon moving to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, they adapted their skills to meet the needs of the fledgling automotive industry and found success producing intricate auto parts. It wasn't long before John and Horace came to the attention of Henry Ford. He was so impressed with the brothers that he offered them one-tenth interest in his new motor car company.

The Dodge Brothers Company in 1910 established a large auto-parts plant in Hamtramck, Mich. There the brothers made engines and other auto parts for the Ford Motor Company and for Olds Motor Works. In 1913 they began producing their own auto mobiles, and the first Dodge auto-mobile appeared on Nov. 14, 1914. Horace Dodge was responsible for a number of manufacturing innovations, including an oven that could bake enamel onto steel auto bodies. By 1920, the year in which both brothers died, Dodge was one of the industry's largest companies. The Dodge concern was purchased by Chrysler Corporation in 1928 and remains a division of Chrysler.

Dodge Charger 69 Production Figures

Some details about the total production of the Dodge Charger 69

Type Engine Production figures
2 doors sports hardtop 6 cylinder 542
2 doors sports hardtop 8 cylinder 65840
2 doors sports hardtop R/T 8 cylinder 19298
TOTAL 85680

Dodge Charger 69 Engine codes

All the Engine Codes of the Charger 69

Engine Code Engine Size Configuration Power
B 225 cubic inch V6 145 hp
F 318 cubic inch V8 230 hp
G 383 cubic inch V8 290 hp
H 383 cubic inch V8 330 hp
J 426 cubic inch V8 425 hp
L 440 cubic inch V8 375 hp

Dodge Charger 69 Prices in dollars (in 1969)

Prices excluding extra options

Type Prices
Charger 6 cylinder $ 3.003,00
Charger 8 cylinder $ 3.109,00
Charger R/T 8 cylinder $ 3.575,00
Charger 500 8 cylinder $ 3.843,00
Charger Daytona 8 cylinder $ 3.993,00

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Charger Burnouts

On this page you find the best pictures and videos of USA cars doing burnouts, smokin tires, heating tires, burning tires, laying down rubber on the street, etc. The 1969 Charger has become very popular and well known again from the TV series "Dukes of Hazzard fan page" with a leading role for a 1969 Charger (named General Lee), speeding and jumping cars, rivers etc. Well you all known the classic hit TV series, and of course the legendary car they used! What would you do if Dodge gave you a fully-equipped 1969 Charger for an afternoon? We could only think of one answer: massive, tire-terrorizing burnouts.

Watch the burnout videos down bellow, there will be more USA car burnout videos added constantly. We also looking forward for your exclusive burnout videos and quality photos, please mail them to us. For a how-to, check the Contact page. Every day I will be screening the web for pictures and new smoking tires movies. The pictures and movies are selected from the web, sent to me and some of them are taken myself. As far as I could see, all without copyright. Be sure that you send me only photo's and videos with no copyright.

Thanks to all of you, this site already got a nice collection of American muscle car burnout video's and pictures. I will do my best, so the collection will grow even bigger. I will also take some photo's and shoot some video from the 1969 Dodge Charger RT this spring and summer, when I visit the mayor car show around the country. Now enjoy the next video how a 1969 dodge charger burns out tire, but don't forget to check out the rest of my site !

Dodge Charger The Fast and the Furious

Dodge Charger The Fast and the Furious

On the mean streets your reputation is everything, and it's not given to you - it is something you fight to earn. Here's a "Must Have" for any Dodge Charger fan around the world. Who did not already have seen the Movie "The Fast and the Furious" with the most sought Dodge Charger. One of the high points of this film was a drag race between a supercharged Dodge Charger and a nitrous equipped Toyota Supra. In this winner-take-all race for street credibility and power to a set of train tracks exactly a quarter mile away. As a train approaches, both cars manage to speed up and pass the tracks as the train barrels down on them. 'Vin Diesel' drove this Dodge Charger in the film. While dressed like a 1970 this is actually a 1969 body. Its one of 4 built for the scene.